Guilty Gear has been one of the premier franchises for developer Arc System Works. Past entries have delivered on being incredibly flashy, having top-notch sprite work and providing players with an awesome heavy metal soundtrack to keep in theme with the setting they deliver. However, it’s been some time since the main one-on-one fighter series has received any sort of proper entry (Accent Core Plus, released in 2012, was the fifth update of 2002’s Guilty Gear X2). While the updates have held us over for sometime, Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign– finally an appearance on consoles, serving as the first huge overhaul the series has seen and introducing the Unreal Engine to its gameplay. Were the overhauled mechanics worth the wait? READ MORE

Welcome to our new video version of Gaijin Guide! This show is designed to give you a look at accessible import games, letting you know what makes them special and showing you how to get started.

In this first video edition of Gaijin Guide, Graham and Jeremy hit the links! Mobile Golf, a late Game Boy Color game, was the direct sequel to cult favorite Mario Golf (GBC) and the flagship release for the stuck-in-Japan Mobile Adapter GB, a device that allowed for network play through phones.

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The ever-expanding multiverse of Greater Than Games’s “Sentinels Comics” takes an interstellar road trip with the latest supplement, Wrath of the Cosmos. As with previous expansions, Wrath contains two new heroes, two new environments, and four new villains for your cooperative comic-book enjoyment. Also like previous expansions, this one focuses on one particular aspect and related tropes of traditional comic superhero storytelling; in this case, that means extra-terrestrial threats to Earth and its surroundings! READ MORE


When playing the The Talos Principle, I simultaneously feel clever and philosophical. Its unique mix of mind-melting puzzles and thought-provoking conversations have caused me to think deeply about both the challenges I’m facing and the true nature of human consciousness. The various puzzle mechanics are easy to learn, hard to master and interesting in their interactions. The true greatness of this game, however, lies in the sheer fact that I wanted to press forward with uncovering the mysteries that surrounded me regardless of the puzzles presented. The Talos Principle is a triumph of game design, and an experience that absolutely shouldn’t be missed. READ MORE


There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year! The Snackbar Games crew shares the titles we’re most eagerly awaiting in 2015.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s Arkham games were amazing last generation. Batman manages to feel powerful and fragile at the same time, the marriage of action and stealth is a joy to play and I can’t wait to see what Rocksteady can do with the increased power afforded them by modern hardware. Narratively, I get to see the end of a trilogy, and after remotely running the Batmobile into Bane in Arkham Asylum, I’m anxious to play with the upgraded model in Arkham Knight. - Justin Last READ MORE


Geometry Wars was an arcade game for the modern generation. It got people chasing high scores, it legitimized achievements and it was controller-shakingly hard while being completely fair. Geometry Wars 2 managed to improve on the original by introducing new enemies and tying multipliers to geom collection instead of number of kills, making your second life just as valuable as your first. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions continues a lot of the good from Geometry Wars 2, but it isn’t an arcade game anymore. There are still scores to chase, and there are still smart bombs to clear the screen when you get into trouble, but whatever nugget made Geometry Wars special died a little when the playfields became three-dimensional. READ MORE


We live in a different sort of world these days, often getting localizations of niche titles before they’re even released in Japan. But that doesn’t mean everything makes it to the West! Here are ten games we could see Stateside in 2015, as well as assessments of their chances. READ MORE

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This medium is capable of incredible things, allowing us to not only tell a story, but also give us a chance to interact with and potentially shape it. On the other hand, games can also provide us an interactive means of learning about a specific topic, time in history or, in the case of Never Alone, a culture we rarely see represented. Based on the culture and folktales of Alaska’s Iñupiaq culture, Never Alone attempts to bridge the gap between a gameplay experience and an educational look at a society often forgotten about.



We’ve named our picks for best game on each system, as well as doled out some special awards, but today we share our overall Game of the Year winner. READ MORE