April 2013


After a long wait, the third game from the Operation Rainfall fan campaign has been released in North America, thanks to XSEED Games. Pandora’s Tower, easily the strangest of the three titles, was considered by many to be the unessential game of the group. While it has a few promising aspects and a premise worth paying attention to, the early word on this bizarre action-RPG was not entirely inaccurate. READ MORE


PC games have historically been a bit less willing to feature local multiplayer, and for good reason: until the last few years, you were stuck around a desk, and that’s just not ideal. That doesn’t mean those games wouldn’t be fun that way, though, and developers know it. So when these titles get ported to consoles, they’re often retrofitted with some couch play. READ MORE


Will Microsoft have subscription plans for the next Xbox? And will we hear more about Gran Turismo 6 at E3? Also, a nice bonus: the instant embarrassment of an already-confirmed rumor!


The HD remake trend hasn’t really seen many releases on PC, largely because most PC games have been “HD” for far longer and many still work on current machines, allowing for a simple digital release to appease fan demand. Though not as well-known as some of the major console franchises there are quite a few PC games that are deserving of getting a re-release, especially with newer operating systems acting a bit odd when faced with old software. And Age of Empires II is certainly one of them. READ MORE


If you’ve been reading this column for a while, it’s painfully obvious how much I care about player agency in games. From meaningful gameplay choices to moral choices (especially those that don’t just skew black and white), I’m all about games that allow the player to insert themselves (or some part of themselves) into the experience. Whether it’s creating a character or simply choosing between blue and red during pivotal story scenes, I find our implementation of choices to be one of the coolest things the gaming industry has focused more on in the past five or so years. READ MORE