March 2013


This year’s PAX East was a great showcase for many upcoming titles, big and small. A theme definitely stuck out this year, though, and it’s one that readers of this column will probably appreciate: local multiplayer is making an appearance in full force. In every corner of the show floor, you could find a great project that harkens back to the days when the feature was more common. Here are three specific ones to keep an eye on. READ MORE


As someone who is far from good at fighting games, especially 3D fighters, the Dead or Alive series always seemed like my perfect match. The series was always approachable, and offered plenty of incentive for those who never had the patience for a lot of fighters to learn the basics. Dead or Alive 5 continues that tradition, giving those without much fighting game experience a title that can keep them coming back for more. And now with DOA5 Plus on the Vita, you can take that great experience on the go with you. READ MORE


Will Diablo III end up on more consoles? Is Capcom working on new games for some more dormant franchises?


The return of a long-absent, beloved series is usually cause for celebration among players. When SimCity arrived, however, server problems turned that celebration into a circus of contempt. Now that the servers are working, the game itself can finally be evaluated. Does it live up to expectations? READ MORE


It’s a weird year when we see the release of two separate rhythm-based auto-scrolling platformers. Even weirder still, then, is that both HarmoKnight and its cousin, Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, are stellar in many of the same ways and distinct enough in others to justify a parallel existence. READ MORE